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A Bride In Awe

Thank You, Sweet Lord, for the blessing of Your presence and the explained magnified expression of Your unfailing love hovering, resting, and dropping over the bride of Your kingdom, with such tenderness, clarity, purpose and intention; with a reach so far to have touched and ministered the generations before you, with exquisite ease. I join the bride in waiting, in praising the move of Your spirit, and the abiding of Your sweet love...You continue to conquer us all, by the thoughts and declarations You have written in Your word, that no greater love, but Yours, will preserve till the day of Your appearing, and will bring the prodigals home. This day I ponder and ruminate on the plenteous occasions of recorded memories, where faithful was Your Presence, eminent was Your favor, and Providential was our protection. Your "bride" beams with manifestations of Your great love...wooed in tenderness and intimately lit memories of You! With endless and assured recollections of our sojourn together, a high wave of praise and adoration I exercise unto You, for I am overcome and my voice has left me temporarily, still I bless You to the utter most!

All of your works will thank you, Lord, and your faithful followers will bless you. Psalm 145:10

Victoria Volich

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