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Fight the Good Fight

When you believe the promises of God, they are yes and amen to you. But in addition to believing, you must also take action on those promises. You must be willing to fight for them to come to pass. God does not robotically dispense answers to our prayers. He is a good God and he knows that when we fight for the desires of our hearts, we will grow. When we make effort, He acts to undergird and support us.

Many Christians don’t like the word fight because they believe that God does whatever He wants. That belief is a form of fatalism. God is more than willing to give us everything that we need and everything that we want. But He is most interested in the condition of our hearts perhaps more than we are. God desires for us to become strong and mighty upon the earth. Growing strong requires that we exercise by taking action.

We must be absolutely determined to fight for nothing less than God’s best for our lives. It is sad to see Christians who want others to do their fighting for them. That’s not going to happen. We must each fight the good fight of faith for ourselves. We must dig in our heels and become determined to hear, think, speak, and do God’s Word. We must purpose today to become a fighter.

We must also be focused on the right enemy. The Bible tells us clearly that we wrestle not against flesh and blood (your spouse, your boss, or any other person). Keep the focus of your fight on the devil, not on those he may be using.

We must believe and act on the knowledge we are fighting against an opponent who wants to defeat us on every side. He wants to kill us, steal from us and destroy us. God’s Word doesn’t endorse meekness and gentleness toward the devil. When it comes to dealing with the enemy of our souls, God’s Word calls for a fighting posture: toughness, ruthlessness and bulldog-like tenacity. Never discount the devil’s desire to affect your life.

We must know and use the powerful tools with which God has equipped us: the Word, the Blood of Jesus, and the anointing of the Holy Spirit. We can defeat the enemy with these tools any time and every time. The good news is, if we don’t quit fighting, we win (Galatians 6:9}. There is nothing in the world that we cannot conquer through Christ. If we don’t give up and quit, victory is assured.

The fundamental nature of fighting the good fight of faith is daily choosing who we will follow. Ask yourself “Do I believe what God says or do I believe what the devil says?” “Am I going to look at what I see (the report of the world) or am I going to look at the unseen realm (the report of the Lord)?”

Fight the good fight of faith. 1 Timothy 6:12

Pastor Chris Rich

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