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Where is Beauty Found?

I will praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Marvelous are your works. Psalm 139: 14

An EMT friend working, with Doctors Without Borders, in a hospital in Iraq sent me this e-mail the other day. A lovely young girl came into the hospital with a badly injured face from some sort of explosion. As he was getting her settled in a bed, she grabbed his hand and wanted to know if she was still beautiful. What could he say? Her face was full of cuts and bruises. He sat down on her bedside and prayed for her. As he looked at this lovely creature, who was no ones’ enemy, he saw a beautiful soul the Lord has made. He comforted her with Psalm 139:14. He reminded her that God created her with a beautiful heart and nothing evil men could do would take that away from her...He was praising the Lord he had helped her find the Lord. He can’t tell much about the work there, but he asks for prayers.

As I pray for his safety, I am reminded of what a beautiful soul he has. With his bright red hair and fair complexion, I’m sure he gets more than his share of second looks from the black headed dark skinned people in Iraq. He left his wife and two little girls in Brazil to minister to people who so badly need the gospel and medical care. Remember to pray for our missionaries around the globe. So many people to reach; so little time.

Beauty is not found in the physical attributes, but in the soul. When God created Adam, he made him in His own image. My prayer each day,” God, let others see the beauty of my soul.”

We serve a great God

Nona Brewer

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