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What is this UNITY Everyone's Talking About?

Read Acts 2

One day. One place. One message. Three thousand new Christ- followers! For Peter, an uneducated fisherman turned pastor, this must have been quite a day. A few weeks prior he had denied Christ; this day he boldly proclaimed Him as Lord and Savior of the world. Prior to this day, the disciples sat huddled and waiting; that day they spoke and served with confidence. We look with astonishment and disbelief at that day and that number, not because we think God incapable, but too often we have no similar examples in recent memory. We are left to wonder, “Will God move this way again?”

The truth is God never changes. God is at work in the Church today. The movement in Acts 2 was not a one-time exaggeration; it was the starting line for the Church that is in line with God’s purpose. The early church experienced such a wave of salvation because of God’s power and their unusual unity. To fully realize the potential of the church, we must lower our collective shoulder into one vision, one message, and one church. What keeps churches from experiencing the salvation of 3,000 in one day? Could it be a lack of unity? From the mouths of the Apostles to the ears of all the people, one message was declared, one message was received. The Spirit of God made unity possible as each person heard in their own language. What could happen if by God’s Spirit we unified behind one message, one vision, one place, one church and one movement of God? Could God rescue 3000 souls on one day again? Could this church reach 100,000 people with the gospel? As we unify behind the purpose and power of God, nothing is impossible!


Pastor Chris Rich

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