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Have you ever been to a gas station or a grocery store when they have buy one get one half off? Or if you buy a hot dog for 2 bucks you can add chips and a drink for 3 bucks. Instead of just settling for the hotdog you got the drink and chips because it was a better deal. Why get a first down when you can get a touchdown?

People in today’s world start settling and stop going for more. Settling can be caused by being lazy or just not caring. After Christians become saved they think they’re done with God and that if they attend church they will go to Heaven. Christians all around the world are settling for just being saved and they will never actually have a relationship with God.

You say you know God and you attend church on regular basis but sadly that doesn’t mean you have a spot saved for you in heaven. If you were to put a frog in hot water on the stove and begun to turn the temperature up slowly, the frog would become comfortable and it would die. That’s the problem in today’s society, Christians are getting comfortable with just going to church once a week and praying so often. But no one wants more, why? Some say they don’t have enough time, or its too much work.

People easily forget there wouldn’t be life without the Almighty King, he is life. He loved us so much he gave his Son for all of us. You might work seven days a week, but find time to pray, and talk to God about what you’re going through. It’s time to stop making God your therapist and make him your Good Good Father. It’s time to wake up and make God your number one.

Make God your best friend because God will stick closer than a brother. I encourage you to want more with God, to grow spiritually in God’s Word and his presence. James 4:8 say’s if you draw near to God he will draw near to you.

Wyatt Snider

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