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"Wasting" Yourself on Him

When I was eight years old I purchased a gift for my mother, a bottle of Blue Waltz perfume. If you are old enough to remember the 1950's, you may have heard of it. I really wanted my Mom to have this pretty bottle of rose water. Anything to make her feel better! She had been confined to her bed all the years I could remember, though she never complained, I knew she was very ill.

All my memories are her and I snuggled together in her bed where she waited to hear all about my day. She listened carefully and laughed at my stories. We listened to the radio and sang along. But, she always brought out the big Family Bible, it was full of colored pictures and she would read me the stories and tell me about Jesus.

Mother’s Day finally came, I could give to her the special gift! Mom was beyond delighted. She clapped her hands, we hugged, she cried happy tears, and we filled her room with the lovely smell of roses. She said that this was the best day of her life, to celebrate Mother’s Day with me because I was her heart-gift from God. Mom said every time she began to feel sad, she would pull this memory out of God's treasure box in heaven; explaining, that God keeps all love-gifts of the heart, safe with Him in heaven...because God is Love.

Matthew 26:7-9 There came unto Him a woman having an Alabaster box of very precious ointment and poured it on Jesus head. But, when the disciples saw it, they were indignant saying, what purpose is this waste? This ointment could have been sold for much and giver to the poor. Jesus said, "She has wrought a good work upon Me. She did it for my burial. Wherever the gospel is preached, this will be a memorial to her."

When I read this account, it brings me back to that beautiful Mother’s Day memory. An eight year old with a skinned knee and a cheap bottle of perfume....He took notice, most surely the Father's heart will take notice of all others who need Him. This was a special touch, a love-gift to an eight year old and a praying Mother. Yes, her prayers were also answered that I would receive Jesus, the very best gift of all. The very next

Sunday, I heard the altar call. I ran into the embrace of Jesus and ask Him to come into my heart and be my Lord and Savior. I ran home to tell my Mom. She clapped her hands and cried tears of joy.

My Mom went to heaven before the next Mother’s Day. I am sure she found the treasure box in heaven and found our love- gift that He gave to us on our special Mother’s Day. Our biggest celebration is ahead! Then, all of heaven will clap their hands, all the angels will rejoice, and the fragrance of Jesus will surround us!

Where is my Bethany place of the heart, where I "waste" myself totally on Him? That place where I minister to just Him, sitting at His feet, and pouring my all on Him?

I must know if I am to spend time alone in His presence, then I must know the unlimited lengths He has gone for every man, woman, and child. For that is the distance He will travel through me. I also must know His mind and thoughts concerning healing, poverty, human pain and bondage, otherwise, as His servant, I am of no use. I must know His heart, His mind, and His word about these things! Minute by minute, step by step, I must seek after Him. For this is my Bethany place of the heart. You see, without realizing it, as we seek and search for His heart, we are searching for our own. For it is only in finding Him we discover ourselves in Christ.

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