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From the Impossible to the Possible

We all have guilty pleasures and one of mine is the DYI channel. I love programs that tear down stuff and rebuild, especially old houses. I also watch HGTV and see how people are always looking for a new start to life. It might require a new living space, a house, a location, or just a view. You could say our entire life is about “remodels”. I want to lose a few pounds; I want to get rid of a habit; I want more friends; I want to be smarter. You might say it this way; If it is possible to “remodel” your home, is it not possible to make an unhealthy family healthy?

As a child I wanted everything to change. I wanted a house with indoor plumbing and water; I wanted my own room; a room where you didn't put all the plants in during the winter. I wanted to be able to say, “Mom and Dad”, instead of explaining why I lived with my grandparents. So many things to change, but as a child, impossible! Take my word for it parents; you are not doing your kids a favor when you don't take them into consideration!

Isaiah 61:4 says, Rebuild the ancient ruins and restore the places long devastated. Just as Israel has become a great nation, you can mend and even break generations of bondage and future generations will be blessed by your willingness to work hard with God to change. Remodeling of a house/home starts with just one person willing to pray, believe God, and persevere when the storms come and nearly blow you away. You don't start with the entire house, you start with yourself (the foundation)! As you become healthier, it can become contagious. It is possible to go from shifting sand, to a house built on a Rock. (Isaiah 26:4, 44:86)

After you have developed a firm foundation in Christ, then begin with how you react with family members. The scriptures are full of suggestions: husbands, treat your wife like she is part of you, wives treat your spouse the same way. Children obey your parents and talk to them about “stuff”. When I was teaching grades 7-12, you can not imagine the things they told me in confidence. Shoplifting, joy rides, alcoholic beverages, even their sleeping habits! I would ask myself, “Why weren't they talking to their parents about this?” In the remodeling of a house, you take care of things like cracks in the wall or floor, water damage, lack of light, or enlargement of rooms. Did you ever think about engaging your children in that way? Become interested in their lives, no matter the age or issues, it is never too late! There will be stuff you have to put under the crimson flow but there are things you can mend. Learn to talk to your children, not down to them and notice their face, their body movement. You check behind ears for dirt, you look for dirty hands so why not look at your kids for smiles, laughter, tears? As you begin to change, they will notice! God is able to work in “everyday” living. You might begin to hear questions like: Mom, can you pray for me? pray for the cat; help me with my homework; let me tell you about the boy I like, etc. All you need is a heart full of love, a soul full of joy, and a head full of discernment.

The houses I watch on television are laid bare, nothing but the wood and concrete. It doesn't happen in a day if it is a major overhaul. It is not easy making decision, but with a good contractor and knowledgeable personnel the job gets done. Of course, as time goes by you work on maintenance. Dad, when was the last time you took your wife on a date? Luke 6: 47-49 gives us an illustrated story about foundations; we have heard it, but do we heed it? Notice that Christ didn't imply the possibilities of a flood but the “inevitability” of it. Rains will come, waters will rise, and life's currents will pound furiously on your home, but the foundation will hold!

My foundation wasn't firm at the beginning, but I had enough to hold me until Jesus found me. He pulled me out of a sinking foundation and set my feet on a solid Rock. Eventually, I noticed I had a song in my heart! Single Mom's and Dad's, begin again, but this time do it as a total remodel. You, Jesus, and your child/children. Scripture tell us, Nothing is Impossible with God!

Last chapter of Proverbs, verses 27-29, She looks well to the ways of her household, and does not eat the bread of idleness. Her children rise up and bless her; her husband also, and he praises her.

Read this verse in the Bible your kids are reading- The Message Bible.

Sharon White

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