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The Temple

God dealt with me on this so I figured I might as well write it

out. So this was for me, and is not meant to offend anybody.

When Solomon’s temple was destroyed it was prophesied that

God would build another. When Christ came to earth he was just

that. God’s presence can only dwell in a pure and sinless temple.

Christ coming and dying on the cross was for you and for me

and a sacrifice for our sins. Jesus said that he would tear down

the temple and build it back in three days. This confused the

religious leaders of that time because they did not know the

reason Christ coming to the earth. But after God’s forgiveness of

our sins and when a Christian is born again he sends his Holy

Spirit to come dwell in our bodies and as 1 Corinthians 6:19

says your bodies are Gods temple. Paul was speaking of sexual

immorality here but what I am going to deal with today is

gluttony which is also one of the seven deadly sins. In Proverbs

23:2 it says to put a knife to your throat if you are given to

gluttony. This is a very difficult verse to except, but it is in the

Bible to help guide us. Now people will draw a clear line on

drunkenness but also forget the Bible places drunkenness and

gluttony in the same boat.

Food addiction is like any other addiction and has an affect on

your health. Obesity is spreading through America and the

Church. Now I Love and I mean Love Church dinners, but just

like I shouldn't come into Church drunk I shouldn't sit there and

commit the same sin. I would be the talk of the town if I came in

drunk but people have accepted gluttony.

Why do you think people have such a hard time with fasting

food. Matthew 4:2 says that “Now after fasting 40 days and 40

nights he was hungry.” Not catching up on social media. Fasting

is bringing the body under submission to the Spirit, to make the

body weak and led by the Spirit.

The devil uses this to make the Church more unproductive. Your

health has a direct affect on your ministry. If he can keep you

sick and tired and take 10 or so years off your life he has had a

direct affect on your ministry. Just know that I am not pointing

fingers at anybody but myself. I hope this will be as useful to

you as to me.

Benaiah Snider

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