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The Cost of the Word

While a Missionary in China, it was my tremendous privilege to rub elbows with great people of faith who cherished God’s Word literally more than life itself. One of the many works took us to a remote region of Inner Mongolia. There I was introduced to a dedicated pastor. From this Pastor’s vision sprang three underground Bible Schools to help fulfill the desperate need to train pastors. These Pastors would shepherd village churches across that region. Because of the powerful signs and wonders that accompanied their ministries, entire villages were coming to know Jesus Christ as their Savior who had never even heard His name before. These new converts would need the Word of God in their own language to help disciple them. That was the specific task we were called to, providing a Study Bible in their language.

Three young Bible School students in their early 20’s had given great testimony of God’s faithfulness. Their fervent witnessing had eventually led to their imprisonment in a harsh, dark prison in Inner Mongolia with no heat in the middle of winter. Except for God, their fate seemed to be sealed. Most prisoners died through the night because of Hypothermia in the sub-zero temperature, on a concrete floor without provision and the guards were expecting to remove these young men’s corpses. However, to the guard’s amazement and terror the next morning they saw three young men huddled together singing, praising God and a concrete floor radiating heat. The fear struck guards quickly released these three witnesses. This Godly provision empowered these students even more in their witness and work for Christ.

In interviewing the founder of these Bible Schools, I asked the wise School Master how he sustained this incredible work of faith of more than100 students. He stated, “The people of faith in the communities surrounding the schools sustain us. If we need anything, these people of little means will eat less to provide for our needs” which indeed they had for several years already. I further asked, the School Master what happens to the students when their witness for Christ was discovered. Without hesitation and all sincerity he stated, “Guy, when we start losing some of our students and leaders, which is certain, for each one we lose—we will raise up a hundred others and will not stop marching forward until the battle is over.”

What is the cost of God’s Word? In one word for them, everything and their reward, eternally priceless!

Rev. Guy Highfill

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