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Be shepherds of God’s flock... 1 Peter 5:2 & 3

The Sanctuary of Hope is blessed with not just excellent Pastors and teachers but also awesome shepherds. The evening before Doug went home to be with Jesus, there were 6 pastors and their wives, the home care nurse (whose husband is a Pastor), a couple of good friends, my sister and I and Doug’s sis all in the bedroom. The nurse said we should be singing hymns and we were led in several.

The sweet sounds of love filled the room with a sweet aroma and God’s presence was heavy. That night was the hardest and saddest but also the most beautiful night of my life. I know Doug felt that love in his spirit and it covered me as well and lifted me up. Doug had seen his angels 2 weeks earlier and was at peace and ready. So, I thank the Lord for this wonderful love filled church and our awesome “shepherds” who love and care for each of us.

Kathy Uland

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