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Do good! Seek peace and go after it! Psalm 34:14b

Do you have a favorite superhero? The kids do! Some of them want to be just like Superman and others like Batman and his black accessories. Many of the girls can relate to Wonder Woman. It doesn’t matter which kid you ask, they all have a superhero they are familiar with and want to be like. A superhero, by definition, is a fictional character possessing supernatural powers and is dedicated to fighting crime and battling supervillains. You may have even seen some superheroes running around the church this week. Our goal for Vacation Bible School (VBS) is to make sure the children of this church realize that Jesus is our Superhero. He is better than all the rest. The children will be studying how to discover their strength in God. We will study Heroes in the Bible this summer and find that with God’s help we can be heroes too!

The characteristics of a hero:

1. Heroes Have Heart

Just like Samuel anointing David, God wants us to look beyond appearances at the hero inside of us. God saw the kind heart of David and knew he would lead with love and power. God sees our heart. He can take ordinary people and transform us into some extraordinary with a heart of love. (1 Samuel 16:1-12)

2. Heroes have Courage

Abigail used her own resources to be a peacemaker. She helped make peace with the soon-to-be King David by providing food and compassion. She took a risk and used the courage that God gave her to help David. God will give us the courage to step up too! We just have to take the first step. (1 Samuel 25)

3. Heroes Have Wisdom

Jesus was the ultimate example of using our knowledge with wisdom to do great things! He was found at age 12 in the Temple, listening and learning with the teachers. Jesus sought to grow in wisdom and knowledge. We can be a hero by following the example of Jesus. (Luke 2:41- 52)

4. Heroes Have Hope

Jesus teaches us in the Sermon on the Mount that we can always have hope, because better things are coming! The Beatitudes are a list of qualities and circumstances that help us understand blessing and joy. No matter how difficult things may be, things are better when we find our strength in God. (Matthew 4:23-5:12)

5. Heroes Have Power

The Holy Spirit that gave power to share the good news of Jesus with others is for us today! The Holy Spirit comforts, teaches and empowers us to grow in our knowledge and relationship with God. (Acts 2:1-41)

Be a hero! Discover your strength in God and how to use power through Him for good.

Pastor Julia Scott

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