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The Sowers Hand

I often times hear people talk about Jesus telling the Parable of the Four soils and tell it in a way where if you sow money you will receive a greater amount. This is true about sowing into God’s Kingdom but this is not what Jesus is talking about in Mark 4. If you read on in the chapter Jesus explains the Parable to his Followers along with the 12. In verse 14 he explains that the seed is “The Word” and as you might have guessed the soils are the different kinds of People.

The ones that immediately hear the word and fall away. The ones that have no root and when persecution comes they fall away. The ones that the deceitfulness of riches and desires choke the Word and it becomes unfruitful. Then the ones that hear the word and accept it and bear fruit.

For me this Parable is this. We forget that it doesn't matter how well the sower is sowing. He is casting the seed as wide as he can throw it as he is not worried about where it is landing. As for person is that we are witnessing to but only to sow the seed in hopes that they will accept it and be fruitful. God does not tell of the qualification of the sower either. I for one had to accept this. I often struggle with feeling that I am not doing a good job and that has stopped me from being a good witness. God uses the

under qualified the people that only trust in God’s ability not their own. The sower could have had just three fingers and only been able to sow half the seed as someone else but he was still sowing. There are many different calls to the Ministry but they all

are supposed to sow the seed of God’s Word and Truth.

My Prayer

Heavenly Father I ask that I be a sower for you that I not get caught up in over evaluating how well that I am doing but only focusing on your will and calling on my life and that is to be a witness for you and sow the seed of your word into the hearts of

people that do not know you. That they might accept your word and bear fruit.

Benaiah Snider

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