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Goin' to Church

There is no perfect church but I love church! It isn’t a building or place to me-it is being part of a FAMILY. I have been blessed immeasurably by those who have bid me welcome, whether spoken or unspoken.

I want to convince people that God’s church is special. It is a refuge for the needy. When you go into a storm, your church family stands with you. It is a meaningful place if you have been raised in a church. People see you as you grow up, as you graduate from school, they attend your wedding, etc. You go through surgery and church family is in the waiting room. The church helps you to face death. The church prepares meals,

takes up collections, visits shut-ins, ministers in jail cells, provides labor in times of need. They give to missions and help you raise your kids. I read a story about a choir member coming into church through the children’s wing. She said the hall was dark and only one room was lit; she paused by the door and inside was a woman kneeling in prayer. Surrounding her was ten pint-sized empty chairs. She was in prayer for her students. Most people didn’t see this and who is to say that out of those ten chairs came preachers, singers, teachers, etc. because of her passion for teaching them about Jesus.

I love church because everyone is important. No one job is insignificant. Family help family- wash dishes, mop floors, take out trash, cut down trees, mow the grass, shovel the snow and prepare meals. I could go on and on and on about how grateful I am for the prayers said for me, the advice given and kind words. You see a good body of believers can be a life jacket to a soul that otherwise might have drown in rejection. My desire is to see no one fall into the cracks. Greeters, intercessors, elders, are important in bringing people into a house that cares!

I don’t know how people survive with only one service a week! We find reasons to not be in His house. The only time I have is the weekend and in the summer means boating, fishing, golf, etc. I have a house full of company and they leave after church has started. We all know our excuses and so does God. Goin’ to church should be fun; it should be exciting not boring; it should be a happy experience. All you need to remember is Whose House you are in and Why! To end this: “There was a man trying to get his kids ready for church. They kept saying, ‘Do we have to go?’ He just looked at them and said, “No, you don’t have to go to church. You get to!’”

Aren’t we blessed?

Sharon White

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