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Tongue Tamers...His Word Spoken to US

The following verses are only a few of the many that deal with the tongue. By memorizing them, we will be building a “Scriptural Guard” to check our words before we say them.

“He that keepeth his mouth keepeth his life: but he that openth wide his lips shall have destruction.” Proverbs 13:3

“Seest thou a man that is hasty in his words? There is more hope of a fool than of him.” Proverbs 29:20

“He that answereth a matter before he heareth it, it is folly and shame unto him.” Proverbs 18:13

“Every idle word that men shall speak; they shall give account thereof in the day of judgement.” Matthew 12:36

“Whoso keepeth his mouth and his tongue keepeth his soul from troubles.” Proverbs 21:23

“A man hath joy by the answer of his mouth; and a word spoken in due season, how good is it!” Proverbs 15:23

“A soft answer turneth away wrath; but grievous words stir up anger....a wholesome tongue is a tree of life, but perverseness therein is a breach in the Spirit. If any man among you see to be religious and bridleth not his tongue but deceiveth his own heart, this man’s religion is vain.” James 1:26

Because of what God’s Word says, you and I can become mature men and women by controlling our speech. Don’t let go of God’s Word working in you and out of you. Please read James 3:1-2

“Speak Life”

Pastor Dave Stallman

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