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God's Creatures

He has made everything beautiful in its time. Ecclesiastes 3:11

I love to visit animal parks and aquariums. The different creatures there amaze me. They usually contain an assortment of rare colored creatures. Some extremely beautiful, others drab and ugly. They are all God’s design. How could I not know there is a higher power?

God’s presence is everywhere whether I have met him or not. Thank God I met him many years ago as a child. The desire to worship is built into everyone. People have a personal desire to fill that void. Some worship the sun or mother earth. In Central America some people worship Satan. There are evil priest that have taught them that Satan is good would not do bad things to t hem. They worship Satan so he will not punish them. The priests teach them to bring gifts to Satan and then take them for their own use. People are starving while these priests are living well.

Thank the Lord for missionaries that are bringing the true Gospel to the people. On mission Sunday, don’t forget to plant your seed. You will reap a harvest of souls through them.

We serve a great God!

Nona Brewer

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