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Spiritual Hunger I AM

While praying on the topic God kept telling me:

"I am Yahweh, I am God, I am That I Am! I Am an all- consuming fire, my breath goes before me, awakening my people. I Am the Holy One. In My courts, is my praise, in the earth shall be my praise. I am calling out to my people, worship

me with a Holy reverence, I will breathe an all-consuming fire into your hearts. I am the Great, I Am, Yahweh."

When an unquenchable fire burns inside you, It burns in every aspect of your life. A hunger that can never be satisfied. Your worship goes to a level you cannot even imagine. You praise Him in everything you do. Your very life becomes worship, never ceasing, like when Moses went up on to the mountain, and was in the very presence of God. You become radiant, each step you take is all for your God. No longer concerned with the things of this world, but the Holy One, The Great, I Am. Yahweh

Benaiah Snider

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