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Invisible vs Visible

He put a new song in my mouth-Praise to our God; Many will see it and fear, and will trust in the Lord. Psalm 40:3

As I read my Scripture I find that singing is important to God. Revelation 5:9-10 talks about the new song we will be singing in Heaven. Revelation 15:3 names two songs we will sing-The song of Moses (Exodus 15:1-18) and the song of the Lamb. We might have time to practice them here on earth-lyrics are in the book! Don’t you think those on the platform, using their talents, would like to think we sing also! They pray, they select music, they put it together (they don’t do a program and they aren’t appearing as a “great” choir) they sing for their Lord! It would be nice if other talented people would sing to the Lord. Now, I can’t carry a note but I am definitely moved by the Holy Spirit when it comes to music. I really do think that when I get to heaven I will enjoy myself-especially with a new body-no old bones, diseases, etc. to hold me back. But, we can sing by reading lyrics from songbooks, listening to good music, singing with your kids or reading Psalms. Are you INVISIBLE when it comes to the song God put in your heart when He pulled you out of the pit of despair, pain, loneliness and rejection? Read Psalm 40 from the beginning.

Then I said, I will not make mention of HIM; nor speak anymore in HIS name. But, His Word was in my heart like a “burning fire” shut up in my bones; I was weary of holding it back and I could not. Jeremiah 20:9

Doesn’t sound like a man/woman that doesn’t know the Bible, the Scriptures or the Word. We must have God’s wisdom, knowledge and understanding if we are going to be VISISBLE before family and friends. We can’t rely on the Pastor’s sermons, the book of the month or a television show. We need words from the Holy Spirit to bring people to Jesus; to comfort your child; to witness at work. Don’t say to God that I am just so busy I don’t have time for you-forgive me. The Lord asked me once if I was lukewarm when it came to Him, His house, His Word, His witness. Read Revelation and find out what He things about lukewarm Christians! The will become invisible for all time! Study, Study, Study, no matter the age!

I have been listening to Beth Moore and her message was “Audacious”. I did teach English at one time but I never used that word. She said the meaning was “being bold in the Lord.” Her Bible passage was Ephesians 6:19. Jesus said my sheep know my voice and when you meet people and get to know then you see how they feel about a man called Jesus.

As we grow and mature, we pray small prayers at first, then they enlarge and you truly want to believe in the “mustard seed faith that moves mountains”. Most of us don’t have the faith of a Smith Wigglesworth, a Paul, a Peter, John or Billy Graham. We lack BOLDNESS in our witness, our preaching, our teaching, our love for others. We are told that we can come boldly before the throne of God but why do we falter at times? The Apostles became Bold and the message of Jesus Christ changed the world. Our prayers, witness, singing and teaching can do the same thing! It just takes faith and His grace, mercy, love and blood to get the job done. I was watching a DIY program and they were on ladders removing the ceiling tile. What they discovered was a very tall empty space. The decorator said, “Why should we settle for a low ceiling when we could make it bigger and more grand?” To be VISIBLE in this moment of time, we must be bold in our witness to others and make our prayers bigger! We are His sheep and others need to know the One we believe in by faith.

Sharon White

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