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Rejection Flipped

An amazing story unfolds in 2 Kings 7 about four lepers. Although I have read this account many times, thanks to Pastor Dan Willis, another truth was shared. Leprosy is a horrible disease that affects not only physically, but socially, relationally and emotionally due to the contagious nature of the illness. This was the plight of the four lepers found in this passage. They were outcasts and located outside the city walls, rejected by those that were inside the city gates. At that time, great famine had hit the land with the death toll raising daily. So these four lepers (the outcasts) said to one another, “Why are we sitting here...” Yes, we are outcasts, yes we are starving so what do we have to lose by getting up and get moving.

The rest of the story is this: the outcasts—the four lepers that had been rejected, explored outside the city walls to find that the Lord had removed the Syrian army that were camped around them while leaving all their provisions for His starving people.

The new truth I gleaned from this story was: Rejection in your life might just be the avenue that God catapults you into deliverance, victory for yourself and others. Rejection never feels good, but in the leper’s case, it brought about good (Romans 8:28) as it can in your life. Here is the final key however, don’t park yourself in the rejection spot. Say as the lepers said, “Why are we sitting here?” Get up and getting moving and allow the Lord to flip your rejection into fulfillment of His plan for your life.

Pastor Ruth Kaunley

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