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A Refreshed Soul

I was reading Psalms 23 the other day and although it's a powerful chapter, it's also one that many of us are familiar with. So familiar that it tends to be memorized and robotically recited more than absorbed.

However, as I began to read, the passage really came alive to me.

“The Lord is my shepherd,I [a]shall not want. He makes me lie down in green pastures; He leads me beside [b]quiet

waters. He restores my soul;”

He RESTORES my soul. Wow. How had this not jumped off the page to me in prior times? Oh, how we need to be refreshed and restored. I became aware that I need to park in the Psalms and take in all the promises of God’s word.

I can see through the chapters David’s cry to the Lord and then read as David is changed through praise. How in his times of weariness and distress unfold, so does the peace of the Holy Spirit. It just began to captivate me reading as every concern was met with comfort and victory and peace. Watching David really learn who God is and in turn reminding me also that He hears me, and He restores me.

Do you need a refreshing? Are there broken places that need to be restored? We have a savior who longs to lead us. Even to set us next to our enemies and shower us with perfect peace. He is our comfort and strength. So I encourage you, as I was encouraged. Lay your cares and troubles at the Savior’s feet. Devote yourself to His word, and you'll find that every promise is yours. He WILL restore your soul if you'll meet with Him.

Pastor Natalie Snider

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