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The Power of Identity

I think we all wonder at times why we just did what we did? Maybe we think more on what we didn't do but probably should've done? Either way our actions or in actions stem from some form of our identity. We all know that our human DNA dictates the color of our skin and to some level of understanding our nature. Then comes in the whole nurture from our infancy to where we are today. Wow, how this plays a huge role in how we identify with ourselves.

A healthy self-image is so important. We want our children to be secure in who they are so they can be successful in all that they do. This healthy positive self-image will allow them to overcome and achieve when adversity hits. And it's going to hit!

Though all of us come from vastly different walks of life, if we are believers, our DNA is the same. We are brothers and sisters! What a support system! We are made in the Image and likeness of God, (Genesis 1:27). Seriously, wow! If we allow our eyes to identify with who we are in Christ, we will only be able to have a positive self-image There is no option here for negativity. Our past can try to define us in a negative way, if we do not bring to memory the scripture, "Therefore if any man be in Christ he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold all things are become new". (2 Corinthian's 5:17).

How we identify with ourselves very much dictates how we live our lives. When you look in the mirror you see the reflection of you. When God looks at you, He sees his Son, Jesus. Because you have chosen to be His! Yep, as long as you wear your human skin you will not be perfect. You will sin. But, do not let Satan use that to define you. He wants to keep you in an unworthy, negative state of identity. He does this to try to keep you powerless. But that's not who you are. Confess your sin, repent, and get off your knees in victory! Move forward!

Let's take a look in the mirror again. Look deep into it. I believe staring back at you is a reflection of Jesus. Were you not made in His image? If you look close you will see spots in the image of yourself. These are spots that are not yet Christ like. That's ok! It's called the sanctification process! But none the less you are a Child of the King! Live, act, and walk like the DNA you possess......"And since we are His children, then we are heirs-- heirs of God and co-heirs with Christ....." (Romans 8:17).

Pastor Shane Carder

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