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Understanding the Depth of Gods Love

PART -1 of 3

In light of the recent home going of two precious saints Leeda and Wyatt, I want to try and share what I believe is a misunderstanding of the depth of God’s love for us and His desire to fellowship. I note that when someone up in age passes away though we miss them terribly we say things like “She’s in a far better place” “He fought the fight faithfully to the end and now God has taken His General home”. We are saddened but celebrate a life long lived and happy that they are not suffering or are now young and dancing on the streets of glory. But when a baby passes away, or a young man just beginning to come into his manhood is suddenly yanked from us the comments aren’t the same. I know, this because when my 3 month old grandson died of SIDs I said “Lord what was the point? Why bring this beautiful baby to us only to snatch him away as soon as we come to love him so much?” We say things like “I don’t understand this he was so young, he had so much life to live and so many things he could have done for the Lord.” If they are fighting an illness and God takes them rather than heal them we say “God I just don’t understand, you healed that one but not this one, it makes no sense.”

If you truly can understand God’s amazing love for us it’s not hard to understand. God created the universe. He hung the sun, the moon, the stars. He keeps earth rotating on its axis. He created the animals in all their uniqueness. He put the fragrance in roses. He designed every snowflake to be different and to glimmer in the light like diamonds. He created the beauty of a clear blue ocean and hand made the corals and the beautiful fish that can be seen but not explained. And yet amazing as all these creations are, the one He cherishes the most, is man. Man is a mystery. Everyday new discoveries are being made about the human body. Doctors and Scientists have spent decades studying a body that God formed out of dust and breathed life in to it.

Why create man when surrounded by angelic hosts that constantly tell you how awesome you are. Why love man? Who is foul mouthed, rebellious, lovers of themselves? Because that’s who God is. He loves. In spite of our shortcomings He loves. We are His favorite creation. He loves fellowshipping with us, so much so, that when Adam fell and thus broke the fellowship, God sacrificed His own son so that that fellowship could be restored. He longs to be with us.

When we are born again, we become new babies born into a very special family. Each of us, as babes are given an assignment(s) as part of the family. God knows the day we are born into the world and He knows the day we are born again into His family. He knows the assignments or missions that each of His children have. There is not one child of His that He doesn’t know what their assignment is. He longs for those children to come home. But He also knows they have a job to do for the “family”. But here’s what many don’t understand. When that assignment is complete. When that mission given to that child of God has been fulfilled... God says “Finally I get to bring him home!!”

You see age is not the factor. Finances, intelligence, fame, stature, nor physical abilities are a factor. The only factor is have you completed the assignment God has given to you. He wants us home with him. But because each of us are an integral and important part of the big picture and plan of God, He leaves us here until we have fulfilled our purpose. Then He joyously takes us home. The problem is we very often do not know what that assignment is. It may be to reach one person. Or like my grandbaby, Finley, it may be that they were born to die so that others can see the power of Faith in God, displayed by young heart-broken parents. We see it often as tragedy. But God sees it as a child that has done what he was suppose to do and is now coming home to His daddy house. Oh, that we could see Leeda and Wyatt now.

They are where they were created to Daddy house...they aren’t lost to us they have just gone home!

-Dr. Rita Sanders-

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