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Understanding the Depth of Gods Love

In part three, of this three part lesson, I told you about a story that I told my sons in order to help them understand death. But of course, there is always one that sees the world from a whole different perspective. That was my son Hunter. Hunter had a very creative imagination. One day he would dress up in costumes and pretend he was a superhero saving the world, the next he would pretend he was a soldier fighting for the freedom of mankind.

Because of this great imagination he needed something more than me visiting my aunt as an explanation for death. After praying for wisdom this is the story I told him;

God is all powerful, He is mighty in strength, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound! Actually, He doesn’t even have to leap over them He can just pick them up and move them or walk right through them. No enemy can defeat him. Cryptonite is powerless on Him as He was and is invincible. He not only has super strength but he also can read minds and thoughts. And He can be clear across the world and be here beside us with just a whisper from our mouth!

I had his attention now!

I told him that God lives on the planet called Heaven, and that as His kids we are also of that planet. And that since we are Gods kids that we have some of His same powers to fight off the enemy’s that try to attack us, but that most of us after years of being here on earth, we tend to forget we have those powers. We begin to think like those of this earth rather than like those from our Fathers planet. When we do so, we lose battles to the enemy. When we forget who our Dad is, we forget we are stronger than the enemy, and that our dad can stomp on the enemy for us if we ask. His big blue eyes were wide open now.

I then told him that as His kids He gives us missions to do down here. But that we always need to remember that we are not like earthlings that don’t know who He is, we are Heavanians. And we are on special assignment here to let as many people as we can know about our Dad and the Planet He rules from. And that when our assignment is up, and our mission complete then our Super Hero Dad brings us back home. And that when we get there we are treated like heroes and a big party is held in our honor and we get rewarded for the missions we have completed. I told him that some missions take longer than others, so that’s why some of God’s kids go home when they are very young and some go home when they are very old and we don’t always get to know what our missions are because sometimes their top secret and only God knows. But He always knows what they are and when they are done. Because He is our Dad and He can’t wait till we come back home.

This analogy he understood. And when his son Finley passed away at 3 months from SIDS. This is the story he told his son to help him understand why his baby brother went home so soon to be with Jesus.

Sometimes the stories we tell our children have a deep message that Adults can learn from as well.

We may never know what Wyatt or Leeda’s assignments were, but one thing we can know, is that they completed them faithfully and are now in their Father’s house being hailed as heroes and getting the rewards that only children of the King can get.

We salute you Wyatt and Leeda...for a mission well done!

-Dr. Rita Sanders-

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