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Faith Is the Victory

This is the victory that has overcome the world; our faith. I John 5:4

When I was ministering to the sick, a man came who was shriveled and weakened; his cheek bones were sticking out, his eyes sunken, and his neck all shriveled. He was just a form of a man. He whispered, for he could only speak with a weak voice, "Can you help me?"

I asked "What is it?" He said that he had had surgery to remove stomach cancer. As a result of the operation, he could not swallow.

He said, "I have tried to take some juice today, but it would not go down." He whispered, "I have a hole in my stomach. As I pour liquid in through a tub, my stomach receives that. I have been living this way for three months."

You could call it a shadow of life he was living. Could I help him? Look! This Book can help anybody. This Book is the essence of life. God moves as you believe. This Book is the

Word of God. Could I help him? I said, "On the authority of this Word of God, this night you will have a big supper." But he said he could not eat. "Do as I tell you," I answered. "How can it be?"

"It is time," I said, "to go and eat a good supper." He went home and told his wife.

She could not understand it. She said, "You cannot eat. You cannot swallow."

But he whispered, "The man said I had to do it." He became hungry and ventured, "I will try it." His wife prepared his supper. He took a mouthful, and it went down just as easy as possible. He went on eating food until he was full. Then he and his wife had one of the best times of their lives. The next morning he was so full of joy because he had eaten again. He looked down out of curiosity to see the hole and found that God had close it up!

But you ask, Can He do it for me? Yes, if you believe it. Let God have His way. Touch God now. Faith is the victory.

Thought for today: The Word of God is marrow to your bones. It is resurrection from every weakness; it is life from the dead.

Sharon White

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