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My Shepherd

The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want. Psalm 23:1(KJV) The Lord is my shepherd. I am never in want.(God’s Word)

What is a shepherd? Wikipedia says, a shepherd tends, herds, feeds and guards a flock of sheep. Shepherding is one of the oldest occupations; beginning in Asia Minor some 5000 years ago. To maintain a large flock of sheep, the sheep must be able to move from one pasture to another. This required the development of an occupation apart from the farmer, usually the youngest member of the family. He lived with the sheep 24/7.

Many Biblical patriarchs were shepherds; Abraham, Jacob, the twelve tribes, Moses, King David, and the Old Testament prophet Amos. Many of David’s Psalms were written while he was tending his father’s sheep. The angels even announced the birth of Jesus to a group of shepherds.

In the Middle East, sheep raising is still practiced today. In today’s modern world traveling through Wyoming or Montana, you might see a covered wagon surrounded by a large herd of sheep.

Looking after a herd of sheep is often a trying chore. They are constantly putting themselves in danger. The shepherd carried a large staff with a crook on the end. To pull them back from danger .

Jesus, our good shepherd, watches over us every day. When we are in need and call out to Him, He is there to come to our rescue. He has given us shepherds (pastors) to guide and direct us. We have one of the greatest! His weekly messages lead me into green pastures.

What a great God we serve. Nona Brewer

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