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Best of Intentions

Have you ever been to the ocean and seen a flock of Seagulls sitting on a pier? How many times do you think those Sea Gulls have the intention to fly down and grab a tasty snack off your beach picnic, or a tasty little fish swimming in the shallow? I would say they have that intention a lot, but they never make the decision to do so. That's like life with a lot of people

today. More specifically Christians. How many of us have intentions to call someone and encourage them, or to wake up early and read our Bible, or how about the intention to give up a show to spend more time in prayer? You see lots of people in our world have good intentions but that's as far as it goes.

~It's your decisions, not your intentions that will determine your destination. A decision is just an intention until it is acted upon.

Until we act on our good intentions, we will never see any fruit. It sounds good to come to church early to pray, and it sounds nice to say you were thinking about coming to that meeting or Bible study. But until we decide to make that commitment and we decide to make a change and act upon it, we will never see any change or fruit. Don't get caught up in the good intentions and the “feel good” moments, make a decision and act upon it to make a change for God’s kingdom. Listen for and find that call God has placed on your life, and then decide wholeheartedly to pursue it and do it.

Don’t look back and have to say I intended to do that, but find the time, make the sacrifice and like the creators of a leading athletic company would say “Just Do It”.

Pastor Brandon Scott

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