Being Thankful

Thankfulness: Expressing gratitude and appreciation to people and God.

I remember one of my teachers in grade school, Mrs. Gibson, pulling me out of class one day. She was a very stately woman and when she spoke you listened. Mrs. Gibson said, "David, you have a rare gift." I had no idea where she was going but I stood stiff as a board hanging on to every word she spoke. She said to me, "You are a very empathetic person." She went on to explain that word in order for me to get a clear word picture.

Empathetic - Showing an ability to understand and share the feelings of another.

That day was one of the brightest days of my life as a young student. I am so thankful for that moment she spoke into my life to help me fulfill my purpose.

Today, take time and make a list of people that helped you along the way. Send them a note or call them on the phone. But remember, thankfulness begins in the heart, so let it flow out! Apply:

1. Would you describe yourself as a thankful person. Why? 2. What are you most thankful for at home? 3. What person in your life is a thankful person?

Prayer: Father God, I come to you in Jesus name. Help me to be more mindful of being thankful of those around me.

Pastor Dave Stallman

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