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Bloom Where You Are Planted

Several years ago I was privileged to go through the Vatican museum in Rome, Italy. One room contained old tapestries. Our guide told us some were hundreds of years old. They were about four inches thick; the thickness of a man’s hand. To make them one person worked on the top, another beneath. This person was never seen, but his work was just as important as the other. The intricately woven designs would have not been possible without him.

The body of Christ has many tasks that don’t seem glamorous. Oft times we feel the contributions we make wouldn’t matter if we didn’t do them. We say, “Lord, what good am I? I can’t play an instrument, sing in the choir, or teach a class of noisy six year olds.” Remember the person on the underneath side of the tapestry! His job was JUST as important as the designer.

I’m reminded of the story told of an old missionary coming home for a rest after years on the mission field. A famous person was exiting from the same vessel. Hundreds of screaming fans were there to meet him. No one was there for the missionary. He asked God, ”Was my work so unimportant that no one cared?” God’s answer, “Son you’re not home yet.”

Keep blooming where God has planted you. That errand you ran for an elderly neighbor, the meal you prepared for a hungry person, your middle of the night prayers, the money you sacrificed to give, are recognized by God, the master bookkeeper. You are laying up treasures in Heaven. (Matthew 6:19) You’re not home yet!

What a great God we serve!

Nona Brewer

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