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One of my favorite pass times is riding my horses. From a young age I have always loved horses, they have such power and beauty. A horse can be a valuable tool and an enjoyable pass time. Or they can injure, kill or be a total headache when they are given free reign.

A horse is born with the nature of a prey animal. When fear and uncertainty is introduced they naturally resort to the flight nature which is to run away to regain control of their environment. The nature of the horse also changes in who has control of them. Natalie always asks me when I am working with a horse, How did you do that? I always say, I just know. The real reason is the Horse has already told me what it is going to do. From a young age I have been given the ability to what you might call “Read a Horse” I know the body language, I can feel if anxiety is building. The horse can also feel me, somebody can bring me a horse that is what you might call a headache and the moment I take the horse it is a totally different horse. This is because it senses my control and is completely calm. It trusts my leading because It senses my nature. I can also read the training of a horse by its actions. When I climb on does it stand, and wait for instruction or does it take off on its own. This is not the only way but one way. Is it stiff necked or does it have a flexible neck. If it has a stiff neck I will stop, no more training will take place tell it yields its head to my leading.

I have explained all of this for one reason. As Christians are we in total surrender to God’s leading. Far too many times we have been stiff necked and took off on our own heading and are miles away from the will of the Father. Only to be brought back and no further training takes place tell we surrender and follow the leading of our Father.

I have a horse named Chance. I bought him when I was fifteen when he was a untrained two year old colt. I developed him to be one of the finest horses you could ask for. One of the finest qualities of Chance is he not only yields to my leading, he knows me so well I no longer have to give him cues. He knows what I am wanting without me even asking. I spend most of my time riding him with no reins.

This is what I want for myself I want to be so surrendered to God. I no longer have to be brought back to a place of training but in a constant state of advancement.

“Being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.” Philippians 1:6 NIV

Pastor Benaiah Snider

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