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Lord Speak, Thy Servant Hears

My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me. John 10:27 (NASB)

For your Bible reading today, spend time reading the scripture where God calls Samuel. It was an ordinary day. Samuel was going about his duties consistently as he had every day. But today would be different. God was speaking directly to Him. God had seen Samuel’s dedicated service and knew Samuel’s heart desired to please God. Samuel was devoted to service and now it was time for more. It was God’s time to move into something deeper. If Samuel had not been about God’s business that day, he might have missed the call.

Frances R. Havergal wrote a song in 1869 called, Master, Speak! Thy Servant Heareth. Frances was a bright young girl who began writing songs at the age of 7. She wrote this particular song at the age of 33. On her tombstone was the scripture they say she claimed as her own; Jesus Christ cleanseth us from all sin, 1 John 1:7 (KJV). I believe she had a servant’s heart and whole-hearted devotion to God. The words to her song say all that a longing heart could say about hearing from God.

Master, speak! Thy servant heareth, waiting for Thy gracious word, Longing for Thy voice that cheereth; Master! Let it now be heard.

I am listening, Lord, for Thee: What hast Thou to say to me?

Speak to me by name, O Master, Let me know it is to me; Speak, that I may follow faster, with a step more firm and free, Where the Shepherd leads the flock, in the shadow of the rock.

Master, speak! Though least and lowest, let me now unheard depart; Master, speak! For O, Thou knowest all the yearning of my heart,

Knowest all its truest need: Speak! And make me blest indeed.

Master, speak! And make me ready, when Thy voice is truly heard, With obedience glad and steady still to follow every word. I am listening, Lord, for Thee: Master, speak! O, speak to me!

Frances wrote other songs like, Take My Life and Let it Be and Thy Life for Me. The point is, what she did and said reflected a life desiring to hear God’s voice. Stop and listen to Him today.

Bible Reading: 1 Samuel 3

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