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Parable of the Talents 2

Each servant in the story presents the master with the results of their stewardship. They tell their own story first as the Master listens, but the Master has the final word. When the first servant demonstrates that he has managed his affairs well and worked as the Master would work; the Master speaks. He is proud of how the servant handled the money/gifts he was given, gave the servant more responsibility and told the servant to share in the Master’s happiness (Matthew 25: 21). God delights in our responsible stewardship of His gifts. The same is true for the second servant who wasn’t given as much as the first servant. But the third servant is a different story. He didn’t manage his affairs as the Master would have and everything that was given to him was taken away. It was given to those who proved that they could handle God’s gifts. They were given more. How we handle the gifts that God has given us determines if we can handle more.

Pastor Bryan Christenson

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