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Samuel said, “Has the Lord as much delight in burnt offerings and sacrifices as in obeying the voice of the Lord? Behold, to obey is better than sacrifice, and to heed than the fat of rams.” 1 Samuel 15:22

God has been really dealing with me lately on obedience and I have been passing this on to my children. I have seen a great difference in them because of this. That being said, I have found myself not as easy going as the children. I have prayed and asked myself this. When I worked and went to school I was outspoken, I loved choir and loved competition. I found myself wanting to be out and about. I even tried out for the Nashville star .

Now I feel different. Life has hurt me, changed me, down right broken me along with people and churches. I don't have the confidence I once had unless it comes to my kids. I'm grateful that God is full of grace and love and chances for me to be redeemed when my flesh grabs me and fear plants me to the floor .

In all this I know God has guided me to different places and it has gotten better. I don't have a large amount of friends and as I go I know God is weeding out the ones I don't need. I also have found forgiveness and redemption over things I am still battling.

In the end, I know God is in control and through this all I have learned to step out and praise unlike I have done for years now. In my battle, God has shown me how far I have come from being hurt by people and how much I have learned to turn the other cheek, bite my tongue, and forgive and love everyone.

Life and my salvation have become too important for my journey to comment on everything, to react without the Holy Ghost, or to not forgive and move on. I know there have been many along this journey that have helped me step out and help me understand that my past is just that, my past and God has cleansed me of those sins. The devil tries and pulls at us daily and it's our job to fight! Fight with all you have and catch the FIRE, the burn and the ultimate goal of cleansing, of walking in the Holy Ghost fire that will set your heart ablaze and move you on the path of stepping out and into what the Lord has planned. I pray any and all who read this will catch the fire and carry it into your life and your worship.

I also want you to know I forgive any of you that have ever hindered my faith walk and I will always pray blessings upon you and I pray you can do the same for me. My faith does not make me weak it brings me strength and keeps me going. My faith is not about religion it's about my walk and I hope to share my journey with all in His time.

God bless! Amie Denning

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