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The One

It is essential to every now and then stand in front of the mirror and just take in what you see. To self-evaluate. To look at the areas of your life. Personal and relational.

Personal- This by far becomes the biggest area that we study, but should be the smallest. Before I surrendered myself. This is what I could never get past. I would listen to the lies spoken. I thought very little of myself, all I could see was imperfections. I battled fear, rejection just to name a few. I hated myself, because I believed the lies. The truth is God had given me a gift that the devil was

holding captive. The gift was LOVE, and once I turned hopelessness over to Jesus he lifted me above what I saw and let me see what he was looking at. Once we see ourselves through the lens of God we can no longer be critical of ourselves. Self-evaluation brings us back to center. God loves you and has created you special. You are his delight, he cherishes you. You are perfectly made in His image. When you look in the mirror you should see Jesus.

Relational- Once we evaluate ourselves and see what God has made perfect, then we look at those around us. Are we giving all that we have to what God holds so dear to his heart? This is where we can take a harder look. This is where the mirror tells the absolute truth. You look at every person that you come into contact with. Are you blessing them, are you building them up, are they seeing Jesus in every aspect of your life? What you have been given are you using it to the fullest? Are you being a good steward to what you have been given? An important passage to read is Jesus giving the parable of the talents. It must hurt so bad for God to see someone who has been given a great anointing for them to be lazy and poor stewards to what He has given them. Not just that but for us to become so comfortable that we are no longer pulling the lost out of hell. This is kind of like bad medicine but trust me it is needed. I stood in front of the mirror and had to ask forgiveness because I had not been a good steward. What we should see in the mirror is Jesus.

The cry of my heart is-- may my whole life be to the glory of the one who sent me. The one who spoke me into existence. The one who loved me even before I was created, Jesus Christ. If I can just show Jesus to one person and be a good steward then he will send the lost and broken because I have been faithful to “the One.”

Pastor Benaiah Snider

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