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Which Cross is Yours?

Last year I saw a photo on Facebook of three crosses. The center one was definitely Jesus and the only one I cannot tell you about, because it was the other two that caught my attention. The cross on the left had a wooden sign that said Forgiven while the cross on the right of Jesus had a wooden sign that said Forgotten. At the time I was puzzled by this photo. Then a few days later David turned on the movie The Passion and as we were watching the scene at Golgotha the photo started to make sense. The man on Jesus’s right asked Jesus if he would remember him. Then man on Jesus’s left said that Jesus was a criminal just like them. The man on the right said “no he is innocent and does not belong here, we deserve our punishment but he does not.” Jesus then said “you will be with me this day.” That is when I realized that the man on Jesus’ right had been forgiven, because in his last moments he declared that he knew that Jesus was the Savior. The man on Jesus’ left would never accept that Jesus was there to save them. The man on Jesus’ right was forgiven that day of all of his sins, while the man on Jesus’ left was forgotten because of his lack of faith.

When it comes our time to die we deserve to be hung on the cross, but which cross are we to be hung on. Are we to be hung on the cross that says forgiven because without any doubt in our hearts and mind that Jesus Christ came to die on the cross for our sins? Or are we to be hung on the cross that says forgotten because we were not as faithful as we should have been while here on earth? At any time, you could be the one facing Jesus, so “Which cross are you going to be hung on?”

Kathleen Sterling

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