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God's Protection

He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High Will abide in the shadow of the Almighty. Psalm 91:1

I was blessed to travel to New York City this past December. It was a girl’s trip. My sister had been chosen as one of Mary Kay’s outstanding sales directors. Her picture was going to be in Times Square! Well of course we couldn’t miss that once in a life time experience! So, we planned a trip to witness this magical moment. We had a blast together as a family and saw many wonderful things: The Empire State Building, Central Park, Broadway and The Statue of Liberty. Among the hustle, bustle and liberalness of New York City there is a lot of history and iconic places. Seeing the 9-11 Memorial was a moving experience. I was tearful almost the whole morning as we toured the devastation and the memories that many left behind. We read transcripts of the events that happened that day and every person in the place was quiet and respectful as they moved from exhibit to exhibit. But the place that touched me the most was St. Paul’s Chapel.

As we left the Memorial, it began to snow outside. The day was dark and somewhat dreary. Our moods were dreary too as wereflected on what was lost that day in September. It was bitterly cold as we stood outside on the place where the towers had fallen. A space that is now marked with twin fountains where the buildings stood. There are skyscrapers all around and you have to literally stop and look directly above you to even see the sky. I was hunkered down trying to fight against the cold and snow as we moved toward our next touring destination. It was only going to take a minute or two to walk to the next spot and before I knew it, the sky seemed to open up. It was still snowing and dreary but as I looked up to see what was different, the chapel was right in front of me.

There are skyscrapers all around the chapel. Some look at it from the perspective of humorous that something so small is towered all around by magnificent buildings that mark progress and modernism, but that was the very thing that spoke to my spirit. In a place of busyness and selfishness stood a symbol of peace and protection. I brought home a children’s book titled, The Little Chapel That Stood”. It explains that on that fateful day in September, while debris and explosions shook all around the chapel stood untouched except for one broken window. In the days that followed it was a place of refuge for those who held out hope to find loved ones. It was a place of rest for those working through the ash and rubble to search for any still alive. It was a place God protected so that many could hear His still small voice as they searched for peace and restoration that evil tried to take from them that day.

This little chapel has stood the test of time. George Washington worshipped there on the day of his inauguration. It has survived fire and the progress grown up all around the city. Whatever Satan is trying to throw at you today, cannot stand against the One True God. Psalm 91 is 16 wonderful verses of assurance to God’s protection. I don’t have space to quote it today but I encourage you to take time to read it. God is our Shield, our Strength, our Refuge and our Fortress. Find rest and peace in Him today.

For He will give Hs angels charge concerning you, to guard you in all your ways. Psalm 91:11

Pastor Julia Scott

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