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The Eye-Sight of the Watchman

Comment: We have entered The Season of Watching!!! The Watchman Anointing and Watchman Eye-Sight must mature like never! This is the year 2018 (“New Beginnings”). The enemy is also setting up some new strategies and tactics. He wants to weaken our eye-sight. God is going to send us “corrective lenses” for our needed “spiritual eye-sight” for this new watch! Let’s look at some basic eye-sight difficulties listed below:

  1. Nearsighted – This is where we can see things that are near, but have difficulty seeing things at a distance. We may know that God is working our lives today, but the enemy’s tactic, is to put things in our sight, to cause us from seeing God’s work in our future.

  2. Farsighted – This is where we can see clearly things that at a distance, but things that are close are out of focus. We may believe that God will someday work in our lives, but can’t see Him working in our lives now. The tactic of the enemy is to make us think that the “some day” will never arrive.

  3. Tunnel Vision – This is where we can only see things that are directly in front of us. Our peripheral vision is dark and blurred. We may only see what we, ourselves are focused upon. We miss seeing God work in the lives of others. As intercessors, we see more than ourselves! We see a HUGE GOD DOING A HUGE WORK!!!! Our eye-sight is not limited or narrow!!!!

  4. Blind Spots – These are simply spots where we are not capable of seeing. We may see clearly some things about God, but are blinded to other truths. The corrective lens to this is “…we walk by FAITH and not by sight…” (That is our natural sight.) The tactic of the enemy is to have us depend on our “carnal sight” and not on “GOD’S SIGHT” which is His WORD! In other words, the corrective lens is, see it through the WORD OF GOD!!

  5. Night Blindness - This is where one has difficulty seeing at night. We may have difficulty seeing God work in our lives when we are in the midst of trials, when darkness comes.

  6. Astigmatism – This is where there is a distortion of object both near and far. We may have difficulty seeing God clearly at all. God may be just a blur to us. One of the strategies and tactics the enemy uses is TRAMA to produce this kind of sight! It puts you in shock, dullness, numbness until everything is distorted. As Intercessors, we will need to pray for many who have been traumatized.

  7. Color Blindness – This is where one has difficulty seeing a specific color such as red (the BLOOD of Jesus) and green (the color of SALVATION & LIFE)! The colors just appear gray (no right or wrong). The enemy’s tactic is to make it difficult to see between right and wrong things, they appear to be grey.

  8. Strabismus – This is a technical term for being cross eyed. One eye is pointed one way while the other is pointed in a different direction. This is like the double minded man which is unstable in all his ways. This is when we try to serve God and self at the same time.

Don’t let your eye-sight be weakened! Watch and pray.

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