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What To Do?

The context of today’s devotion is found in 2 Kings 6 where Elisha and his servant where in a certain city and the servant rose up early looked out the window only to find that there was an entire army outside encamped around them. He was scared and in my opinion, he didn’t know what to do. So, he asked Elisha. Elisha did something very interesting. He didn’t try to reason with his servant or tell him it was going to be ok no he said a simple prayer:

2 Kings 6:17: And Elisha prayed, and said, LORD, I pray thee, open his eyes, that he may see. And the LORD opened the eyes of the young man; and he saw: and, behold, the mountain was full of horses and chariots of fire round about Elisha.

Today you may be going through circumstances beyond anyone’s comprehension maybe even your own but I think it is only fitting that you stop and pray and say God please open your servant’s eyes and show me that its ok and there really are more for me than there are against me.

“In due season you will reap if you FAINT NOT” Galatians 6

Have a blessed day! Pastor Chris Rich

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