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Note: The Youth were challenged to write a devotion. Olivia Christenson (Grade 5) stepped up to that challenge. I know this will bless your heart. I am very thankful Olivia is letting God use her!


He restores our soul to guide us in the paths of the righteousness. Psalm 23:3

When my mom and I were baking cookies, my mom said that if you read the directions correctly then it will guide you. I said, “yeah, like the Bible.” After I thought about it, just like making a cookie, you have all these steps to choose in life and the Bible is your directions for how to live.

If you follow all the directions in making a cookie, your reward is to have a really good cookie. Same with all the steps in life. If you follow all the directions, (which is the Bible) then your reward is Heaven and a joyful life on earth. Jesus died on the cross for YOUR sins so YOU can go to Heaven and live a great life!

Olivia Christenson

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