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Where’s Your Focus Taking You?

The Lord has been stirring this in my spirit lately.

David talks about children being arrows in the hands of a warrior. Yet we are the children of God. We are arrows in the hands of Mighty God, with endless miraculous possibilities. However, in this case it is the arrow that has the ability to aim. It’s the arrow that determines what it focuses on and where it ultimately lands. What target it will aim for.

Focus determines everything.

Now is the time of focus, but whatever you fixate on will determine where you end up.

Think of it like an arrow with a string attached to you. Focus on the target, focus on Jesus, make sure you are sighted in on the correct thing, or more importantly one. Because, rest assured, it will determine what target your arrow will hit. It will determine where you are anchored when your shot hits the mark.

Once you’re locked in on the Master, shoot. Release that arrow and when it hits the target it will be anchored in. When that anchor hits the mark, you’ll be pulled, carried and sailing towards the goal. Heading straight for the mission, literally pulled to the mark.

Focus is everything because it will determine where you land. The Lord has given each one of us a mission. He’s put a plan with purpose inside of us and focus is everything. The cross in light of it all. No matter how big, how impossible, what may come, focus on His leading. When Peter stepped out of the boat, his focus on Jesus he walked on water. He, because of focus did what no human could do. He only began to sink when he lost sight of the Master. Even then Jesus reached down and pulls him out of the stormy sea. When the only voice that leads is the God of miracles, our doubts give way to faith. When the only one in our gaze is a supernatural Savior our vision is full of miracles and we live in a world where we believe anything is possible. When every call of God, is weighed against the cross of Christ and authority given to us through the shed blood of Jesus. We aim for the things He says are possible not our limited perspective. Because, ultimately, the cross has the final word. Focus is everything.

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