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Gaining my Strength

Lord, as I research “meanings” of specific words for the soon coming missions trip, I would like to lift up those, near and far, who have suffered a “blow” to their committed, even sunny disposition, to remain in the goodness and comfort of God.

Your word clearly says You don’t give us more than we can stand. The fact is we don’t like the effect of that unsuspected punch...Was our shield not high enough? Did our heart suffer “fools”? Or do we wear someone else’s “mishaps”?

I remind myself how mindful you are of me! I perceive the TALL GLORIOUS PRESENCE of My Comforter! And I have faith in You to speak to my mountains. I am determined to persist with a heart and face like a flint, in well doing- for the kingdom of God comes upon the earth on the workers of His wondrous love. The “sting” is for a moment, but my praise unto You revives from glorious to glorious moment. Selah

Ephesians 6:10 Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power.

Victoria Volich

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