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The Boat

Have you ever truly thought of what led you where you are today? When you decided to pursue Jesus when you heard a promise. When you got in that boat and decided to head out on this journey. Did you plan carefully, did you pack or did you jump in full faith and believe? If you're anything like Me I jumped in and didn't think twice about the circumstances the distance or the time and patience. As true believers, we jump in full of faith and say ok God you gave this to me I'm yours do with as you wish.

As we go through this journey we get side tracked oh look at that sky, look at those fish, oh well I need to work on me I'm so tired or just me, me, me. In the meantime, God can see you from the shore line watching all the while he keeps a vigil watch and never stops. As we go along the tide changes the storm begins and the boat is tossed upon the waves. In this moment, we often forget to look to the shore, to our father waiting for us to keep our eyes on him to ask him for help. We scramble about, we cry, we scream, we get angry, and we take our eyes off the promise. We forget there is a sail to turn towards the wind, we forget that the oars are at our feet. We forget to pray, to praise, to ask for help, to keep the eyes on our promise and to keep moving forward.

In our lives, we often let things get in our way, we get sidetracked, we get complacent and it's not till your boat is rocked or the storms rage that you scramble for the answer and the promise. Jesus is waiting. He can calm the storm and even after the storm has passed and we are curled in a ball at times trying to find ourselves in the mess that the storm has left behind he still holds the promise. He didn't throw it away because you took your eyes off of him. He has calmed the storm and he is anxiously waiting the arrival and for your promises to be fulfilled. Are you watching the storm or the promise? Are you ready to dive head first and use your whole self to make it to that promise, the promise that God holds for and is just wanting you to believe and not lose sight. Don't give up and don't give in, keep pushing, keep paddling, keep swimming, keep praising. He is watching, are you?

[endif]--Amie Denning![endif]--

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