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Bucket List

Several years ago, there was a movie released called “The Bucket List”. It was about two old men who had been told they didn’t have long to live. I believe they were in the hospital and they decided there were things they wanted to do…so they left and began to do their “wishes”. Anyway, this idea caught on about having a “bucket list”.

Well, I came across an interesting story about a fisherman who had a list and had achieved most of his wishes. But he still had not caught the “golden trout”. For those who don’t know one trout from another, this one is a fish with golden skin, with black spots and a bright red flare of a stripe down its side. This fisherman went to Wyoming to catch the golden trout. It took him six to eight hours. He went on horseback for about fifteen miles. Plus, after setting up camp, he had to walk another three miles over rough terrain. Finally, the special place was located and he caught not one but about a dozen, Yea for him!

What would you put on your bucket list as a Christian? What would seem important to you and the Lord? It could be something like that trip to Israel you always wanted or your desire to go on a mission trip, like Ecuador or the Philippines. Since the man at the beginning of the story was a fisherman maybe you could become a “fisher of men”. You could lead someone to Christ or mentor someone. Perhaps you have never tithed because you are fearful. Try it for a month and see what happens. Do you need to forgive someone or maybe you need forgiveness from someone? You could go and attend a big men or women’s conference with a famous speaker. You always thought about working as a volunteer at a food kitchen or begin a ministry in a nursing home, prison or become part of hospice.

I have always heard that you shouldn’t put off important things because you never know when time runs out. We know it’s going to happen as a Christian, God puts a desire in our hearts to do His good work. We have “things” to do around the house; goals to achieve at work; relationships to form and dreams to carry out.

You might not have to go to Wyoming to catch a special fish but you could accomplish a great deal with prayer and faith! It all depends on how “big” God is in your life!

Sharon White

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