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One Key to Making You FREE!

We all know that the precious anointing of Jesus is yoke destroying and burden removing as we see in Isaiah 10:27. We also know the power in the blood of Jesus, but how do we know that? I want you to look at this particular passage with me and maybe it will shed some light on the whole picture:

John 8:32 “You will know the truth, and the truth shall MAKE you FREE”

One day I was watching a television show and they were releasing a tiger that had been chained and caged its whole life back into the wild. At first the tiger just stood there and looked around, it did not know what to do. The tiger really thought it was still chained because he had been for so long. He had never known freedom. Moments later it was such a site to see when finally, the tiger figured out he was FREE. What finally set the tiger free? Not just the help of humans but the realization of TRUTH. He was aware that he was no longer bound by chains or a cage but free to run and free to do whatever he wanted to do. What amazing freedom and liberation and excitement to watch.

Have you ever watched as someone realized truth for the first time? It is such a site to behold. God wants that for all his children. Let the Truth of God’s word Set you and me free today!!

Have a blessed day

Pastor Chris Rich

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