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Two Situations-One Man

On March 9, 1943, a violent explosion rocked the SS Puerto Rican. August Wallenhupt knew what had happened because he had been torpedoed before. He didn’t panic. He had the gear on hand for this disaster, and he knew how to use it. Later, a journalist recorded his action: “Wallenhaupt took time to dress warmly (this was in Arctic waters and the air temperature was thirty degrees below zero); he slipped on his rubber lifesaving suit, put on is life jacket over the suit and then put on a knee-length woolen seaman’s’ coat with a hood to protect his head. This is the gear that saved his life”

Lifeboats were useless because of the ice already on the ship. He found himself in the water and unable to swim but he managed to find a doughnut shaped raft. He was also able to help seven others aboard. Three days later, the raft was found; all were frozen to death except August. He was able, in the chaos of a sinking ship to calmly prepare for the worst. He wore the gear that would save his life.

This situation brings out several thoughts for you and me. We have been given by God the armor of God (Ephesians). Do we think about it? Do we use it daily, all of it? Then, there is the importance of taking care of life’s most important tasks first. Our relationship with God should be first and then everything else falls into place. John the Baptist and all the prophets had a single message- Prepare (Matthew 3:1-12), prepare, prepare! Be ready, be ready! Are you ready?

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