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Two Situations-One Man Part II

Let’s examine what else we can learn from August’s preparation for disaster. When August made it to the raft, he was without gloves. Even though he was fully clothed in his survival gear, he also lost feeling in his legs. He said he did a lot of praying and when they picked him up, he was semi-conscious. For him, the real pain would soon begin as his body began to thaw! Eventually, he lost both legs below the knee and most of his fingers. Remember this is 1943 and the restoration of limbs was primitive compared to today. He became a legend at the Staten Island Marine Hospital for his perpetual good humor. He courted a clerk at the hospital whom he later married.

This second situation brings with so much “realness” for you and me. How hard to think it was to endure all the pain? How did he maintain a positive outlook during his suffering? Where did his courage come from? People who knew his said he had humor; he was optimistic and a joy to be around. We k now where it came from-the source that sustained the apostles through their suffering: the amazing love of the living Savior, Jesus Christ (1 Peter 4:12-13).

I tend to moan and groan over the smallest things. And then, I see someone without legs or in a wheelchair. I see parents struggling with handicapped children; I see people that have lost it all because of floods, etc. Jeremiah 12:5 is a wonderful verse, if you have run with the footmen, and they have wearied you, then how can you contend with horses?

If we don’t have a plan now and we lack courage for the trials we all face, then how will we survive the “last days”? I fall short but I pray and keep trying. Prayer, the Word and a good church family will help you be “a faithful servant” to the Everlasting Shepherd.

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