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Who Am I?

A number of years ago Rusty Goodman wrote a song called, "Who Am I?"

It's a great song and if you listen with your heart as well as your ears, it

will cause you to think about what Jesus did for you.

Every time I hear it, it causes my eyes to tear up. I begin to question

why He would die for me. I'm not a great political or religious leader,

nor am I a famous person. I'm just an average guy living an average life

and yet Jesus gave His life for me. That makes me somebody special.

The chorus to that song goes "Who am I that a King would bleed and die for.

Who am I that He would pray 'not my will thine Lord'.

The answer I may never know why He ever loved me so,

to an old rugged cross He'd go, for who am I?"

Who am I? 1st Peter 2:9 tells me that I am chosen, I'm special, and I am called.

I am a believer of Christ Jesus from the Virgin Birth to the death and the resurrection.

I believe He has a place for me here on this earth, and in Heaven.

Who am I? I am called Christian!

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