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Every day we go through life and we don't realize we have idols. The definition of idols is a person or thing that is greatly loved, admired, or reserved. That could mean our phones, our T.V.s, or someone we love. An idol is something that takes time away from God. In the book of Exodus it says in chapter 20 verse 3 though shall not have any other God's above me.

When you become the father of children and children's children and have remained long in the land, and act corruptly, and make an idol in the form of anything, and do that which is evil in the sight of the Lord your God so as to provoke Him to anger. Deuteronmy 4:24.

I know from my life I've made my phone or my games an idol I spend too much time on them when I should be in the Word. God wants us to have these things but he doesn't want us to worship the things He gives us.

Challenge: I challenge you to give up something you think you can't live without, like your phone, your TV or something that is taking time away from God.

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