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Speaking His Orientation

The continuance of the upward calling in Christ jesus is like the profession of our faith, no matter what. The edification of our entire being benefits, unto pursuing and seeking, the very hope placed in the core of our being. Even in thwarted, frustrated, tarrying and non-appearing evidence of a promise made good; the Lord continues to be the Rock of our salvation and the Word made flesh. I shall bless Him and live and stand in the truth of His coming! I have the certainty of His disarming love, the gladness of his forgiveness, His acceptance thou unmerited, and the knowledge of His eternal kingdom! My aches and infirmities pale in the consciousness of the weight He bore for me... and that much was His desire for a restored and confirmed relationship, between God and His created children. I tire not of the living hope I have in You, and your Word. I repent afore hand, for all failures and sins on my part; awaiting glorious manifestations of Your making, and giving glory to the King immortal. I shall praise Your works divine, and declare my love even in distresses... for I know Whom I have believed and I stand stalwart in your promising Word.

Proverbs 18:10 God’s name is a place of protection—

Good people can run there and be safe.

Proverbs 19:8 Grow a wise heart—you’ll do yourself a favor;

Keep a clear head—you’ll find a good life.

Isaiah 51:4-5 Pay attention, my people.

Listen to me, nations.

Revelation flows from me.

My decisions light up the world.

My deliverance arrives on the run,

my salvation right on time.

I’ll bring justice to the peoples.

Even faraway islands will look to me

and take hope in my saving power.

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