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Pray 'n Through Part 2

When Doug’s dad was getting ready to pass from this world, we took our RV and went to Fort Collins, Colorado. We found a good church to attend when we were visiting. We were even able to get the folks to go with us. One Sunday Doug’s mom accepted the Lord as her Savior!

On our trip to see his dad, we went to church and I wound up crying through the whole service. The Pastor noticed and came to me afterwards. He took us to his office and and us asked what was wrong. I told him why we were there and we weren’t sure of his dad’s salvation because he was a very quiet man.

The Pastor offered to come and talk to Doug’s dad. When he arrived, Doug and I went to our RV and got down on our knees and prayed, all the while, the tears would not stop.

We prayed and prayed. All of a sudden, my tears stopped, Whew! He was okay, he was. Hallelujah!

There is nothing like pray’n through and finding that wonderful peace and assurance that God gives. Knowing that all is well. Wow!

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