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Spiritual Meal-Our Feast Host

Let’s Review:

  1. Loss of Appetite

  2. Spiritual Meal – Course #1: The Amuse Bouche

  3. Spiritual Meal-Course #2: The Soup

  4. Spiritual Meal-Course #3: The Entrée

  5. Spiritual Meal-Course #4: The Main Meal

  6. Spiritual Meal-Course #5: The Dessert

Now that we have spoken about what our Spiritual Meal consists of, let’s not forget the Host of this incredible Feast…..God our Father!

His hospitality is far greater and exceeds anything we can imagine. He sets the table with plenty; a variety of provisions and comforts for us. Satan is not able to destroy our comfort of this banquet because we are anointed with the Holy Spirit and drink of the cup of salvation! This Feast is done in the very presence of our enemies. He makes your enemies sit on the outer edge of the scene and watch everything unfold. The enemy can NOT prevent it! It is spread in our presence just for us! Our enemies see, envy, and fret at our feast!

God reserves this time for us. He creates an atmosphere of joy, laughter, cheerfulness, and gladness. This Feast is His flesh and blood for our FAITH to fed on. God’s favor is unmistakable! We should come away from this Feast with a cheerful countenance and with gladness. Let’s come and Feast regularly with our Host…..God our Father!

Bon a petite (may you enjoy your food with a good appetite)

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