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Things That We Need to Settle God's Protection (Part 1)

Recently one of my kids came under an attack of the Devil and I found myself praying for God’s protection. I had prayed and laid my requests before the Lord and was waiting in His presence for a positive response. Imagine my surprise when the Holy Ghost answered with a gentle yet corrective rebuke. In my spirit, I sensed Him taking me back to the time when I held my infant son high in the air and dedicated him to the Lord. It was as if the Spirit was asking “Do you remember the covenant we entered wherein you offered to give your kids to me and raise them to love and follow Me and I promised to protect them all the days of their life?” “Yes,” I told the Lord. “Have you given up on your end?” “No, God.” “Well neither have I.”

“Son you need to get to a point where you settle this in your soul. I, God, am not going to change in my love for you or my promises to you. And it ultimately comes down to this; Either I'm big enough to watch over them or I'm not. Settle it in your heart, mind, soul, in all that you have and all that you are. Settle it... It's time for you to move beyond hope, beyond faith (though these are important, they are just starting points with me) to a point where this question is unshakably settled. It's time to move into this assurance (not faith, not hope, assurance): I have your kids. I never gave them back. And I'm either strong enough to keep them like you asked or I'm not. I don't deal in maybe. By the way son, the areas of your life that are unsettled are the areas where you paint a target telling the Devil where to shoot his attacks. By settling questions about Me and My faithfulness once and for all, you remove the bulls-eye from areas of your life. I AM God and I AM always able to protect you.”

“Settle it.”

In Colossians 1:22-23 the Apostle Paul says that Christ will present us holy, blameless and without reason for reproach ...“If we continue in the faith both grounded in the faith and settled.”

Settle it.

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